That's What You Said...About Adam's Demand To See His Baby

Every Friday we thumb through your comments from the most talked about post of the week and highlight each side of the argument. Check out the latest That's What You Said below and make sure to share your own opinion!

This week, one of the more controversial stories on Remote Control focused on Chelsea's unwillingness to let Adam see their daughter. Now that they've broken up--again--she's putting her foot down until he pays child support (he owes more than $2,000!). We asked you whether or not she should be more lenient and here's what you had to say:

"Adam only wants to his daughter to impress his new girlfriend. He, himself does not want to be a parent. It does not come naturally for him. What father doesn't want to hold his child while they are drinking a bottle?" -- Courtney

"If Chelsea withholds their daughter from Adam based on him not paying child support she can get in trouble for it. What she's doing is against the law." -- Lisa

"Of all the teen moms, Chelsea is the most concerning to me. Her sense of entitlement is through the roof. She doesn't have to work, finish her high school degree or anything--somehow she thinks she has the right to decide if Adam can see Aubree. How dare she get pissed off that he doesn't pay support when she doesn't pay for Aubree's support either, her father does!" -- Khat

All three viewers have slightly different perspectives, but how do you feel? Is Adam just trying to show off for his new girl, or is Chelsea in the wrong for preventing him from seeing Aubree? Let's keep the convo going!