MTV Twitter Roundup: Vinny Turns To Poetry Following 'Shore' Finale

This week in the Twitterverse...Vinny bid adieu to Season 3 of "Jersey Shore" by turning to his blog and getting his Edgar Allan Poe on. Following last night's finale, he posted a poem aptly entitled, "The End," in which he recounts some great memories from the summer (our favorite line: "From serious dinners to silly pranks, some were winners, and some were skanks"--cue obligatory muted hand snaps). But not everyone was as sentimental as Vin.... While he was presumably locked up in his writing room, JWOWW was busy hitting the club with Roger and, according to her tweet, receiving a new tanning bed! Can't wait to see how dark she is in Italy!

Check out more "Jersey Shore" castie (and alum) tweets below: