Was It The Right Decision For RJ To End Things With Lily?

On tonight's season premiere of "The Hard Times of RJ Berger," our recently deflowered dork found himself in the middle of a sticky love sandwich. After banging (and almost killing) his best friend, Lily, he was torn between doing the "right thing" (sticking by her) and following his heart Johnson (right on back to his longtime crush, Jenny Swanson). In the end, RJ felt the truth was the better way to go so he stared sympathetically into Lily's eyes and told her all about Jenny. Then, she smacked the crap out of him with her metal crutch.

+ RJ totally devastated Lily. Do you think he made the right decision to end things with her? Take the poll, then check out Lilly's V-log below to see just how pissed off RJ made her!

Did RJ make the right decision?

  • Yes, he can't date Lily just because he feels bad for her.
  • No. He should've stuck with Lily.