'Jersey Shore' Poll: Which Housemate Changed The Most In Seaside?

Change is always a good thing (at least that's what Oprah says), but it was still hard to believe how much the "Jersey Shore" cast evolved this season. Let's review everyone's personal growth, shall we?

Mike took a major time-out and barely got his MVP on; Pauly started practicing quality control when picking his DTFs; JWOWW upgraded men, trading in klepto Tom for willing-to-commit Roger (applause); Snooki slowed down her partying after getting arrested in search of the beach (while simultaneously falling face first in the sand); and Vinny became a mini douche after he got his ears pierced. (Note: We intentionally left Ronnie and Sammi off this list because, as we all know, they'll never change. Those two negative Nancys cancel each other out!)

+ Which Shore alum do you think matured the most this season? Take the poll and vote!

Which roommate changed the most this season?

  • Mike
  • Pauly
  • Snooki
  • Vinny