The Top 5 Hookups From Season 3 Of 'Jersey Shore'

After living together (and referring to each other as "family") since 2009, you'd figure that none of the cast members on "Jersey Shore" would still be having late-night hookups. But then again, we've all seen how the most innocent of snuggle sessions can quickly turn into a steamy smush.

This season, there were three in-house couplings, but from our point of view, the sex just complicated everything. Snooki and Vinny got into countless arguments, Deena and Mike's chemistry was totally off and SamRon, well, you know how things turned out for them. That's why this here list of Top Five Hookups only focuses on the strangers our DTF casties lured home.

It was a tough job narrowing down the most memorable lovemakin' moments from Season 3--luckily we had many options to choose from! So without further adieu, we present...

#5: Mike forces Vinny to eat a burger while he's busy in bed.

It's not very cool to barge in on someone's sexcapades, but at least Mike brought food! It was a little rude for him not to offer any to Vinny's lady friend though.

#4: JWOWW dresses up like a dominatrix for her new man Roger.

We always knew Jenni was a wild child ("After I have sex with a guy, I rip their heads off," yada yada), but it was truly eye-opening to see her pull out all the stops for such a new relationship. Ol' Tom probably never got the chain 'n' leather treatment.

#3: Vinny avoids a beating by his object of affection's Sicilian uncle.

While the short-lived romance wasn't consummated, we had to give Vin a shout-out for trying to get with this chick after her big I-talian guardians showed up at the door.

#2: Deena falls for Fake Ronnie.

Who knew Ronnie was Deena's type? Well, everyone gained some insight into her taste when the blast-in-a-glass bumped into Ronnie's friend--and lookalike--at the club, and then came close to bumping uglies with him in the hot tub. Too bad he ended up having a girlfriend and spreading rumors that Deena likes to lick the booty. Jerk.

1. Snooki asks to know her guy's name mid-smush.

This hookup had a variety of hilarious elements, the first being that the boys contributed to some major coitus interruptus. Secondly, Jionni repeatedly provided Snooks with his name and she somehow still managed to call him "Bernard." And the bestest part is that even though she had absolutely no interest in ever seeing him again, Jionni is currently her boyfriend.