'Jersey Shore' Poll: Did Deena Pull An Angelina?

Ask any guy and he'll tell you that Deena did a major "no-no" when she meddled with Vinny's smush quest on tonight's "Jersey Shore" finale. He tried to lure her best friend, Lisa, between the sheets, but Deena dropped her blast-in-a-glass routine and gave the whole idea a big fat "Hell to the no!" To turn Lisa off, she insisted that Vinny tried to hook up with a grenade the night before--but that was a rookie move... Lisa didn't even blink (Come on, who wouldn't want to get with Vinny, especially now that his ears are pierced?). Clearly Vin and Lisa didn't want to be mommied.

+ Do you think Deena was looking out for her friend's best interest or just being a pesky co**block, à la Angelina? Take the poll and weigh in!

Did Deena act like Angelina tonight?

  • Yes, she literally pulled her friend away from Vinny!
  • No. She was just trying to protect her friend.