'Real World' Poll: Should Dustin Have Slept With Heather?

On tonight's episode of "Real World: Las Vegas," Dustin made a big stink about not sleeping with his roommate Heather (because that would invariably confuse things...much more so than just making out with her and then getting pissy that she kissed someone else during Truth or Dare). Of course, it didn't take long before the two of them got completely googly-eyed during a game of pool and ended up in the sack.

Dustin was worried that things would get way too messy if they had sex, so should he have tried harder to follow his own advice? Take the poll and let us know if you think they should have kept things PG, then check out a clip from this week's "Sin City Tell-All," where Dustin explains why it's so difficult to sleep with girls he has feelings for. He always wants to be a gentleman!

Should Dustin and Heather have slept together?

  • Yes, they're great together!
  • No, sex makes everything more complicated.