JWOWW Volunteers To Give Kristen Stewart A Spray Tan

With the success of her tanning product, JWOWW Black Bronzer by Australian Gold, Jenni Farley of "Jersey Shore" fame is now expanding the brand to include JWOWW Ultra Tanning Dark Bronzer (no word yet on the difference between "black" and "dark"), and to help launch this new lotion, she recently went to Indianapolis for a photo shoot and on-camera interview with "Entertainment Tonight".

While it's no breaking news to hear JWOWW say she feels sexier when she tans, we did have an oh-snap type moment while watching the video when she was asked which Hollywood celebrity needs a pale skin intervention. "I would definitely pick Kristen Stewart from 'Twilight,'" she told ET. "I'd love to hold her down and spray tan her, and see what she would look like."

Well, one thing's for sure--she'd look pretty out of place standing next to her undead boyfriend Robert Pattinson.