Soundtrack Spotlight: Freelance Whales Understand Liz Lee's Heartache

On last night’s episode of "My Life As Liz," our feisty heroine finally decided to forgive everyone that wronged her in Burleson, and an overwhelming feeling of calmness took over almost immediately. Liz Lee was ready to head back to New York City with a newfound sense of confidence, and the transitive melodies of Freelance Whales complemented her happy mood perfectly.

After getting together in 2008 (frontman Judah Dadone brought on fellow music pals Kevin Read, Doris Cellar, Jake Hyman and Chuck Criss), this indie pop band self-released their debut LP, Weathervanes, one year later. Filled with pretty harmonies, synth mixes and lulling instrumentals, the album is chock-full of relatable lyrics.

Listen to the warm sounds of their song "Hannah" below and see if it reminds you of Bryson and Liz's friendship.