VIDEO: Meet The Moms-To-Be Of '16 And Pregnant,' Season 3

Twenty-five episodes into "16 and Pregnant," and watching teenage girls' simple, carefree lives be completely transformed by parenthood never ceases to consume us with a powerful mix of opposing emotions: frustration, sadness, hope, admiration--the list goes on.

For most adult women, having a baby is a time of excitement and wonder, but when the pregnancy is unplanned and the mother is still a kid herself, the overriding feeling is fear. Will my own parents be supportive? Will the baby's father stick around? If you've watched Seasons 1 and 2, you know that these questions go through just about every girl's head as soon as the pregnancy test comes up positive.

Although each episode brings the same conclusions (don't have unprotected sex, ya dig?), the stories vary from person to person, and Season 3 will introduce fans of the series to a whole new group of couples and families struggling to cope with an unexpected pregnancy. Check out the trailer to get a first look at each mom-to-be, and make sure to tune into the season premiere on April 19 at 10/9c.