'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Chelsea Allow Adam To See His Daughter?

To put it mildly, Chelsea and Adam's relationship has always been inconsistent. When things are bad between between them, they're really bad...and when things are good, well, they're still pretty bad. At this point in the season, the young off-and-on couple is broken up (much to the delight of Chelsea's friends and father, Randy), so Adam hasn't been able to see his child as much as he'd like (or has communicated over the phone). Chelsea's got sole custody, and she's not about to leave Aubree alone with Adam and his new girlfriend. More important, Adam owes her more than $2,000 in child support.

+ Adam is demanding to see his daughter, but do you think Chelsea should allow it? Randy doesn't think Adam should have any time with the baby until he steps up and starts acting like a parent, but what's your opinion? Take our poll and sound off!

Should Chelsea let Adam see Aubree?

  • Yes, Aubree needs to bond with her father.
  • No, at least not until he pays child support.