'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Is Jenelle's Mom Right About Kieffer?

Since the day she met him, Barbara's been trying to persuade her daughter to dump Kieffer, and unfortunately, he hasn't done anything to change her mind (catching him smoking pot on her porch really sealed the deal). Jenelle's always stood behind him, but on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," their relationship showed early signs of weakening--they crashed separately at friends' places and she dealt with the credit card disaster alone.

Barbara's still adamant that Kieffer's a bad influence--ever since he showed up, Jenelle's gotten into a lot of trouble. Has Barbara been right about him all along? Take the poll and let us know if you think it's time for Jenelle to kick him to the curb.

Is it time for Jenelle to split up with Kieffer?

  • Yes, he's a horrible influence and doesn't have a job!
  • No. Their relationship isn't perfect but he cares about her.