'MLAL' Poll: Should Liz Give Bryson Another Shot?

Thanks to Sully's scheming (and snazzy table-arrangement talents), Bryson finally got an opportunity to talk to Liz on tonight's episode of "My Life As Liz." Even though she wouldn't let him explain exactly what happened, he forced our stubborn heroine to rethink her own behavior. This season she's spent all of her energy running away from her problems and he made her realize that it's time to face them head on.

+ Bryson encouraged Liz to make amends with everyone who wronged her in Burleson--think she should take the advice and start fresh with him in particular? Share your opinion in the poll!

Should Liz give Bryson another shot?

  • No, she made peace with him, but it's time to move on.
  • Absolutely. He's still into her.