Soundtrack Spotlight: 'Skins' Artist 3D Friends Knows All About Young Love

Tonight's finale of "Skins" tied up a lot of loose ends in the romance department. Throughout the season, every character experienced the ups and downs of teen love--Tony and Chris especially--and their anguish was best conveyed to us via the show's moody music.

In the finale intro, you heard the melancholic sounds of Austin-based singer-songwriter Daniel Chavex Wright (he performs under the moniker 3D Friends). This former choir boy turned guitarist beat out thousands of other submissions in the "Score SKINS Music Project" last year and his song, "Lina Magic," became the lead music for the series. The track's all about childhood emotions and unrequited feelings--something the "Skins" gang knows tons about!

Just check out the video for "Lina Magic" below and see why 3D Friends was picked to open the show.