'Skins' Poll: Which Teen Couple Was Your Favorite?

Two main searches dominated tonight's season finale of "Skins": 1) The search for Tony's younger sister, Eura, and 2) An inner search for self-awareness. Abbud discovered that his friends-with-benefits relationship with Daisy was more serious than he wanted to admit, Cadie challenged standoffish Stanley to make a move and brokenhearted Michelle acknowledged her buried feelings for Stan. By the end, just about everyone except Tony found someone special.

+ Throughout the season of "Skins," we've seen a roller coaster of confused twosomes, so pick out your favorite couple from the list below and tell us who you think has the best shot at love!

Which couple belongs together?

  • Daisy and Abbud
  • Michelle and Stanley
  • Tea and Tony
  • Tea and Betty
  • Tina and Chris