'RW: NOLA' Update: Jemmye And Knight Thrown In Jail!

The last time we caught up with "Real World: New Orleans" lovebirds Jemmye and Knight, we weren't sure whether or not they'd last (he couldn't even admit that he loved her during the reunion), but apparently they're still spending time together...just not the "right" kind of time. Over the weekend, the two MTV alums were arrested!

According to RadarOnline.com, they were cuffed after an altercation with a Florida nightclub bouncer. Jemmye claimed that the guy gave her a black eye and even took to her Twitter to air the story: "Went 2 jail Bc a security guy punched me black eye from a grown a** man yet the police arrest me This is y women are to scared 2 go 2 cops." Don't start getting sympathetic just yet...onlookers tell the story a little differently.

"While we were speaking to security next to my patrol vehicle, I was approached by an unidentified female employee of The Summit, who advised that every time we were not looking at her...Carroll would strike herself in the face," Officer Capps wrote, in the report obtained by the site.

Either way, nothing really solidifies a relationship like a trip to the clink!