Kevin’s Blog: What You Didn’t Get To See Mike Tyson Do

I’ve been a fan of the legendary Mike Tyson since my childhood days when I would play Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (later titled Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream) on Nintendo. The next time you have some time to kill, go back and watch some of his highlights from the ring. The dude was a machine.

I say “was” because now I only see Mike Tyson as the extremely happy man who taught me about pigeon racing. Honestly, I’ve never met someone so friendly and cheerful. I tracked down the off-air video to show you–here’s what you didn’t get to see Mike do after his visit to “The Seven.” Not the Iron Mike I was expecting!

+ Mike’s new reality show, “Taking On Tyson,” airs Sunday nights on Animal Planet. Watch it or I’ll get my friend Mike Tyson to… smother you with love.

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