Kevin's Blog: Vanessa Hudgens Is A 'Delight'

Vanessa Hudgens is my new favorite person. When she came to visit "The Seven" last week, she said that she had a surprise for us. Our audience truly had no idea what to expect, and I can tell you firsthand that everyone was completely shocked when they found out what it was. Shocked...and pumped! I actually saw some tears. True story.

If ya missed it, Vanessa bussed our entire audience to an advanced screening of her new movie, "Beastly." The best part? She came with! Before the movie started, Vanessa talked to the crowd and answered some questions. She’s a delight, and I can’t say enough good things about her. After the movie she rushed to catch a plane to Vegas (friend’s B-day party). Not a bad life.

Check out our group trip to preview "Beastly" with Vanessa: