'Shore' Plumbers Recover A Wifebeater! Which Brainiac Flushed It?

You can always count on a "Jersey Shore" cast member to pass the buck. Whether it's in regards to dirty drawers, an anonymous note or in tonight's case, a clogged toilet, the house motto seems to always be "deny, deny, deny." Even if the shoe wifebeater fits.

Check out this clip from our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," in which Vinny refuses to take accountability for stuffing the latrine with his "guinea tee" and points the finger at Deena and Sammi. Hear him out, then take the poll to vote for who you think is the culprit.

Who's the owner of the wifebeater?

  • It's Vinny. He's the only guy in the house who wears a Size S/M.
  • It belongs to one of the girls. They wear wifebeaters, too!
  • It was probably the work of a house guest who wanted to eff with the cast.