'Jersey Shore' Poll: Is Vinny Leading Snooki On?

Snooki may have made a rookie mistake by smushing her crush's cousin, but Vinny's setting his own double standard when it comes to make-out morals. On tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," it sure seemed like he was willing and able to lay down the love with his eager housemate, but soon after jumping into bed with Snooks, he turned her down because she hooked up with Jionni the night prior (lame!).

Is Vinny playing with Snooki's heart, or is she putting herself in a bad situation by throwing herself at him? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," where Vinny explains their complicated relationship to host Kenny Santucci. Apparently they're just friends with benefits, but had he known the extent of her feelings he would have monitored his behavior better.

Is Vinny stringing Snooki along?

  • Yes, he gives her mixed messages all the time!
  • No, she keeps jumping into his bed!