True Life Check-In: Mama Tiff Says We Haven't Seen Anything Yet

Tonight's "True Life" departed from its normal multi-story format and instead focused solely on The Riot family, an outspoken, uninhibited and truly endearing bunch of characters. Clint, Kathleen, Colette, April and Tiffany gave us an interesting snapshot of their day-to-day life in the Louisiana Bayou, and they certainly didn't hold anything back! We recently had the opportunity to check in with the entire gang--take a look at the follow-up Q&A below:

What is everyone in the family up to now?

Clint: I'm trying to save money to restore my 1983 Ford Bronco and I hope to start college in the fall. Carly and I broke up, and even though it was on good terms, I still miss her. After I fix up my truck I am looking forward to moving out and getting a place of my own. My broken arm healed up finally, so I hope to start riding bareback broncs (not bulls) again by the summer.

Kathleen: I am excited about attending my first prom in April (and hosting the afterparty!). I'll be graduating from high school in May and my mom is planning a graduation party at our house with several other families in the neighborhood, so I think it is going to turn into a huge block party. I can't wait! After graduation, I plan on attending cosmetology school so I can get a job in a spa to support myself when I go away to college. Now that Nick and I are broken up, my mom doesn't want me to date anyone seriously until after I graduate from high school, but I am not so sure about that.

April: I can't wait for prom! I'm not sure if I will have a date or go single, but since Justin Bieber is not available, I guess I will probably go alone. I think it will be a lot of fun to go to prom with my sisters and a few single friends (except when they start playing slow songs). This will be the last year my two sisters and I are all in school together so I am sure we will make it a night to remember. Right now I'm on the softball team and practices are wearing me out, but at least it's helping me stay in shape.

Collette: I had back surgery a few months ago to correct the curve in my spine caused by Scheuermann's Kyphosis. I now have 26 screws and two titanium rods in my back, but I'm feeling great. I am still on the softball team, but I wont be able to really play again until next season because the doctor said it takes about a year for the bone fusion to fully heal. So I am working on slowly getting in better shape because I have picked out my dress for prom and I want it to look great.

Tiffany: I am busy trying to keep everyone focused on school and family, taking care of all the horses and planning a few big events. I have my hands full 24/7 trying to manage our family life, but it is a labor of love and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else in the world.

How did the family feel about sharing their home life with the public?

Tiffany: Doing this TV show was an interesting and weird experience. We learned a lot with the little time we spent with the production crew. Coming from a family where we let it all hang out, we can say that y'all haven't seen anything yet. There is a lot more to know about us. We have nothing to hide, whether the cameras are there or not, and we'd love to do this again.