VIDEO: Get The 411 On Louis And His Feelings For Liz

He made quite a knightly entrance on the "My Life as Liz" season premiere by saving Liz Lee from death by Dumpster, but tonight we got a much closer look at Louis' true character (could he be any sweeter?) when he shared a sunset walk along the water--hand-in-hand--with our quirky redheaded heroine. Still, we've got so much more to learn about Liz's cute new musician friend-crush if he's going to become a steady part of her life (all signs point to yes).

Don't worry, we're one step ahead of ya. We recently invited Louis and his bandmate Jordan to our Times Square studio to get a sense of what his music's all about, and, of course, to poke and prod about his feelings for Liz. Check out this clip from the interview, where he classifies Liz as "her own breed," plus watch him and Jordan perform live here.

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