'My Life As Liz' Poll: Is It Chic To Be A Geek?

If the steadily growing number of "My Life as Liz" fans is any indication, geekdom is no longer the smelly curse it was portrayed as back in the days of "Sixteen Candles" and "Revenge of the Nerds" (two '80s classics every pop culture guru MUST see to claim credibility). And it's definitely no longer the sum of whiteheads + orthodontic appliances + broken eyeglasses (have you seen Liz lately? Stunning!). In fact, an article published earlier in the week on CNN.com implies that it's actually becoming pretty damn cool to keep a custom-made light saber in your cubicle, or attend Comic Con dressed up as Chewbacca. (Well, maybe the latter's a little extreme.)

We second that notion, but you're probably not surprised.

If MTV didn't think highly of the large groups of people who engage so passionately in niche hobbies such as comic book collecting, we would have never introduced you to Liz Lee (or Daria!) in the first place. Or launched our brand new Geek website, which aims to provide the geek community with a forum to get overly excited about franchises like "Green Lantern" and Masters of the Universe Classics.

The site's creator, Tom Akel, explains its inception: "You'd be surprised how many people here got excited when we started the site and were already huge fans of some aspect of what we'd be covering and developing. Who knew design director Laurel Woods was on the packaging of Rebesl Assault II? Or that producer Brad Hatfield still wears his "Green Lantern" Underoos? There was a void on MTV.com for this content and it was clear that we needed a place for it ... if for no other reason than to get Brad to keep his pants on."

'Course, the legitimacy of Liz's geekiness has been called into question by those who just can't picture her curled up on a Lazy Boy reading about super villains. (Oh haters, must you creep up everywhere?) We can assure you, she's a 100 percent geek/nerd/dork. Just take a look at the video below to see her going wild like a sorority pledge during 2010 Comic Con.

+ We've shared our opinion (geek=chic) but we want to hear your take on the matter. Has the definition of the term geek changed over time? Is it no longer taboo to act like Steve Urkel, play robot wars in the school cafeteria and have little interest in sports that require a ball? Take the poll and tell us whether or not you think the nerd herd should rule the world!

Being a geek is:

  • Pitiful.
  • Cool.
  • Just another inauthentic way of trying to be cool.