Have Lauren Conrad And Whitney Port Turned On Each Other?

Is there a girl fight brewing between the most popular reality starlets in MTV history? That's the rumor. According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, Lauren Conrad is on the outs with former "Hills" costars Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge. Once upon a time in La La Land, Lauren was close friends with both girls, but Us reports that their relationship ended when the "Hills" cameras stopped rolling. "They are like any work friends who no longer work together," says the mag's source.

There may even be some envy involved. "The other girls were always jealous of Lauren," adds the source, who also speculates that Whit and 'Drina must be loving the fact that Lauren's return to MTV got nixed. Hmm, that doesn't sound like the sweet Hillzies we once knew so well, but we s'pose anything's possible if Spencer Pratt's got a rap collabo going with Waka Flocka Flame.

Anyone else think this would be a perfect time to bring "The Hills" back? 'Tis but a dream, but if you're missing the good ole days, check out MTV's very first episode of the series below, plus click here to watch the entire first season.

P.S. The cute blonde girl with the ponytail and flat chest? Yep, that's Heidi.

Editor's Note: Since this post went live, some of you have commented that pointing out Heidi's "flat chest" was rude. It was not our intention in any way to imply that flat chests are unattractive--just to call attention to how much she's changed over the years. We think Heidi looks beautiful in this video, and we also happen to be super proud members of the Small Boob Club. (TMI?)