Newly Blonde Maci From 'Teen Mom' Hits The Town With 'Jersey Shore' Girls

While it's not uncommon to see MTV cast members from different shows mixing and mingling (and making out), it can still be rather trippy when opposites attract. Pictured above is quiet, laid-back (and newly blonde!) Maci from "Teen Mom" spending some girl time with "Jersey Shore" firecrackers Deena Nicole and Sammi 'Sweetheart"--quite the unlikely yet intriguing matchup.

People from different, er, cultures have always learned a great deal from each other, so maybe this budding friendship/anthropological experiment could lead to something positive. Like Maci can give Sam some pointers on how to put a bad relationship behind her, or Baby Bentley will become bilingual. (You just can't get by anymore without knowing a little Seaside slang.)

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Dario Alequin/