Ronnie Unveils New T-Shirt Line! Would You Wear It?

On Friday, we casually mentioned that Ronnie was getting into the fashion game with a line of T-shirts called Jersey Laundry, and now we have a sneak peek of the collection. OK, we know what you're thinking: How is a guy who tried to bend the rules of T-shirt time gonna design SBTSs? To his defense, he spent the last two summers sweating away at the Shore Store! He probably knows way more about printing tops than you assume!

On Saturday, Ronnie debuted his collection at Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas by flexing his big biceps for the cameras. His bright red tee flashed the brand, but there are cheekier designs in the series, including pieces that read, "Got Smush?," "Have You Smushed Today?" and--our personal favorite--"I [Heart] Single Ronnie."

+ What do you think of Ronnie's latest venture? Would you wear it? Take the poll and let us know if he has a future in the fashion industry!

Would you wear Ronnie's line of shirts?

  • I need to see the other designs before I decide.
  • Heck yeah I would!
  • Nah.

Photo: Steven Lawton/Film Magic