'Jersey Shore' Poll: Was Pauly Trying To Get It In With His Stalker?

At some point between Snooki proclaiming that the ocean is filled with whale sperm and Ronnie and Sam's umpteenth this-is-it breakup, Danielle "The Stalker" emerged from the darkness (How? Why?). Considering that the last time we saw her, she threw a beverage all over Pauly, we were shocked to see him be so cordial toward her--they even left the club together.

Think Pauly brought her back to smush, or was he just trying to make her feel really uncomfortable? Take the poll, then check out this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," where he insists that he only wanted to ridicule Danielle...nothing more.

Did Pauly invite Danielle over so they could hookup?

  • Duh! He was probably embarrased and that's why nothing happened.
  • No way, Pauly wanted to put her to shame.
  • Who knows, but that was awesome!

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