Your Step-By-Step Guide To Properly Using A Grenade Whistle

Before all of you run out and buy your own grenade whistle (we know you're already Googling it--relax, you can buy an official "Jersey Shore" one right here), let's run through the proper technique. Vinny didn't just throw that long red plastic doohickey around like a gal who's DTF, now did he? No, he was careful and precise. To help you maximize your hissing power the next time you need to warn someone about an incoming grenade, check out these instructional steps. You'll diffuse the situation in no time.

Place the horn in your right hand, then--carefully--bring the instrument up to your mouth and curl your left hand around it. Lean back and tilt the toy up at about a 45-degree angle. Once you're in position, put your mouth around the opening, close and seal the corners of your lips and blow a steady stream of air from your diaphragm. If you're lucky, Pauly D will be at your side to top things off with a good ole "Grenade Whisss-le" cheer. That should do the trick.

Still feel like you need a demo? Then check out this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," where Pauly shows host Kenny Santucci the power behind the grenade whistle (according to him, the thing was used every single night!). "[Hearing that] is like a wake-up call," he says.