Makenzie's Father Responds To Criticism From 'I Used To Be Fat' Viewers

After watching Makenzie's episode of "I Used to Be Fat," many viewers had harsh words for her father, who appeared overly concerned with how Makenzie's weight was affecting her love life. Well, there are always a few sides to every story, and Jim took to the message boards (under the cheeky alias Makenzie's Cruel Father) this morning to tell his truth and make one message loud and clear: He loves his daughter very much. Check out a few snippets from his post:

"Well, I normally do not hang out in chat rooms much, but I think that I should add just a little bit of background information on the relationship I have with my daughter. As I write this, please keep in mind that this experience boils down to an awesome victory by my daughter to overcome her weight challenges. This is not about me or anyone else. That being said, I have a very close relationship with Makenzie. I share with her the challenge of being overweight. My high school dating consisted of one date to prom with my best friend's girlfriend. It was safe and I did not have to worry about rejection. When I say that Makenzie is beautiful, I mean it."...

..."What I wanted was for her to overcome the self-perception that she herself could not date a good-looking guy because she felt that she wasn't good enough. The result of her weight loss is fantastic, but much more importantly, her entire self-image has changed! Now she can be selective with whom she dates. She doesn't have to feel that she is not pretty enough to date the guys that she is attracted to. I see her now and I see much more than a slimmer young woman. Now I see that she feels beautiful inside and out--just as I have known all along"...

..."I just want for her to be happy. I do not want to have any more of our tearful conversations about her feelings of inadequacy. Now, she holds her future in her own hands. To her high school friends, Makenzie is seen as a new butterfly. Corny as it sounds, she can now spread her wings and show off her figure, rather than try to hide it behind junk food and movies on the weekends, while her friends are going out on dates. That part of her life has passed and I am very proud of her--husband, boyfriend or solo, she has the support of loving parents and friends and siblings. Now she can be the one who teaches others how to overcome these same challenges, and that will make her the real hero."

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