JWOWW: 'I Didn't Cheat On Tom!'

It's been pretty obvious since the start of the season that JWOWW's relationship with Tom was in the shizzer (girl forgot their anniversary!) so it was no surprise to witness their split on tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore." It was, however, quite a shock to find out that he may have stolen her watch, hard drive and (here's the kicker...) mattress.

From what we've seen of him on the show, Tom's got a jealous streak, but he never displayed a hint of psycho-robber, so ya have to wonder what made him go berserk. Did he think that JWOWW had been unfaithful in Seaside?

In our latest installment of the "Jersey Shore Hook-up," Jenni confesses that she did have strong feelings for Roger at the time, but she absolutely, 100 percent did NOT cheat on Tom. In the video below, host Kenny Santucci seems skeptical of her defense, but we've always known JWOWW to be a straight shooter... . What's your gut saying? Check out the "Hook-up" clip, then take the poll and tell us whether or not you think Jenni and Roger got it on while she was technically still together with Tom.