Angelina Pivarnick To Release Her Second Single Soon!

It's any music fame lover's dream: Angelina Pivarnick, the once "dirty hamster" of Miami, has left her bad memories in Florida and completely immersed herself in the studio. Angie's first single, "I'm Hot," climbed the unknown charts in November, and now the "Misunderstood" songbird is ready to unleash her sophomore hit. According to, she's putting out a club-banger called "Going Out Tonight" on Jan. 29.

"To be honest with you, it's really good," Angie told the site. "'I'm Hot' was not even nearly as good as this song. This song is definitely something you can hear in the club. And it's me singing, not just rapping. As a matter of fact, I'm singing in it all the way. I'm not even rapping in it all."

No rapping? But that was the best part!

Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images