VIDEO: Get A Play-By-Play Of Snooki's Arrest

Over the summer, when news traveled at the speed of blogger fingertips on fire that Snooki had been arrested for, uh, annoying the public, our first thought was, "Hope they got it all on tape." (Evil, we know--but admit it, you were hoping the same thing.) And how fortunate for all 8.5 million of us who watch the "Jersey Shore" that the cameras caught every last bit of her alcohol-induced brush with the law, which totally blew away our expectations BTW. What a s*** show!

In our latest installment of the "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," JWOWW and Deena, who were witnesses to Snooki's solo beach party, give some extra juicy details you didn't get to see in the episode. Watch this clip, where Snooki's best friends recall her tragically comical meltdown, then take the poll and tell us whether or not you think she deserved to be booked.