Did Jenni WOWW You With Her Revealing NYE Outfit?

You may think you outdid yourself this New Year's Eve with your sequined mini-dress and glittery lip gloss, but if you'd been standing in a room with JWOWW, no one would've even noticed you. According to UsMagazine.com, the "Jersey Shore" knockout showed up to MTV's New Year's Eve Bash wearing only the blinged-out stringy halter choker and festive pasties pictured above (very reminiscent of the "ultimate stripper outfit" she donned in Miami), but "her management made her" partially cover up with a blazer. Oh management, let the girl have a little fun, will ya?

+ With or without the blazer, JWOWW's NYE ensemble was quite memorable. You tell us: Was it hot or not? Take the poll!


Photo: Scott Gries/Picture Group