Hot Shots: 'Jersey' Girls Show Off Their Bikini-Clad Bods

Is it just us, or do the girls of "Jersey Shore" look better and better (and more color-coordinated!) with each passing season? Check out these pix from MTV's Seaside Heights photo shoot, in which the hair and make-up has definitely been toned down a smidge since their very first time on camera. And wait a minute--Snooki's no longer wearing color contacts!

It can't go unsaid how much a difference one year can make, but we're relieved to see that our favorite fist-throwing/vodka-guzzling/pro-belching starlets have stayed true to their flashy style. Snooki couldn't look more comfy in that leopard-skin sorta-but-not-really one-piece, and JWOWW seems totally in her element sporting a lacy bikini from her own supa-sexy collection, Filthy Couture.

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