'Cutthroat' Reunion Poll: Should Big Easy Forgive Laurel?

Paula's no stranger to tear-filled reunions, and that's pretty much what we got from her on tonight's "Cutthroat Reunion Special." While her defeatist attitude was somewhat troubling (she said she's convinced that she'll never win a challenge), the Biggest Drama Queen awards go to Big Easy and Laurel, who lost their tempers when it came time to rehash their ugly fight in front of everyone (if you forget the hurtful words Laurel unleashed on him, you can watch their confrontation here).

+ Most of the cast believes that Laurel's previously recorded apology was less than sincere, and even with her weepy-eyed explanation tonight, it didn't seem like Big Easy was ready to forgive. Check out the video segment below, then take the poll and let us know whether or not you think Laurel deserves a second chance.

Should Big Easy forgive Laurel?

  • Yes, she knows what she did was terrible.
  • No way! She barely apologized tonight!