'Cutthroat' Poll: Did The Best Team Win The Final Challenge?

After catching tonight's finale of "The Challenge: Cutthroat" we developed a new respect for everyone's resilience (not to mention, a new understanding for the importance of hydration!). The players showed up ready to win their closing face-off (clad in their respective team shirts and metaphoric game faces, natch), but it didn't take long before the Red Team's reigning couple helped their crew jump into the lead (plus, Grey's players were dropping like flies, so that helped).

+ Tori, Brad, Tyler and Dunbar walked away with the big prize money, but were you hoping that Grey or Blue would've won? Let's hear who you think should've finished first, then check out the last "Cutthroat Confessional," where Jenn says all she needed was one guy on her squad to win the game.

Which team deserved to win Cutthroat?

  • Red! I'm so happy for them.
  • Team Blue, the underdogs.
  • Abram's crew of Grey misfits.

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