'Cutthroat' Check-In: Derrick Talks About Losing The Competition

Derrick's normally the guy to bet on, but this time around, the seasoned vet suffered a big defeat in the Gulag. Check out this blog post from Derrick to find out his thoughts on losing the game.

Losing the final mini-challenge was devastating. It was my last chance to keep myself out of the final Gulag, and despite the odds, I felt like I could be victorious. With a little help from the Grey Team, I thought I would have a chance to battle the other male competitors, one-on-one.

Unfortunately, I was stuck fighting off three really tough guys from the Red Team. I kept telling myself to get back in the middle of the ring. At one point, I decided to lure the Red guys over to the side so I could make a move and take one of them out. I was only able to take down one guy and the other two pushed me off the side. To this day, I still feel like there was a way to take all three of those guys out and win. I was mad, but I knew what was coming up...

It was a final elimination round--a day that I'd seen in three previous challenges. I wasn't nervous. I was fired up and I was ready, physically and mentally. I felt like I could beat anyone at anything that day. We all sensed that the next Gulag was going to be Pole Me Over. I knew that I wasn't going to beat Tyler in a straight-up pushing game; I was going to have to strategically tire him out. Tyler went into the final Gulag weighing in at 210 lbs (compare that to my measly 160 lbs). For some reason, I still thought I was going to pull it off.

Had I been smarter, I would have teamed up with the Red Team to make sure Grey lost and one of us would have gone up against Luke. That wasn't the case.  And that's how it went down!

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