VIDEO: Take A First Look At MTV's New Series, 'I Used To Be Fat'

Do you remember the best summer of your life? For me, it was the one I spent time on Nantucket Island. By day I flirted with an uncharacteristically charismatic lifeguard (whom I still refer to as my first love obsession) and at night I bounced around to beach bonfires that didn't end 'til the sun came up. It was the summer before I headed off to college, a mysterious place that offered so much possibility, as well as a fresh start. To this day I'm able to clearly recall the denim-colored J. Crew bikini I wore at all times and the exhilarating feeling I got when the lifeguard finally kissed mauled me. True story.

The point of that nostalgic rambling wasn't to practice for a memoir-writing class--I wanted to acknowledge just how incredibly lucky, spoiled even, I know that I was to have experienced such fun, and such freedom. The overweight teens featured in MTV's new series, "I Used to Be Fat," (premieres Dec. 29 at 10/9c) feel as if they'll never have such an experience unless they drastically change their shape and improve their body image. During these determined kids' summer before college, cameras will trail them as they embark on a grueling mission to shed pounds by following a rigid plan of diet and exercise. Their plight to reinvent themselves in eight weeks puts my summer of love and partying to shame, and it's impossible not to feel inspired watching their dedication and focus.

Check out the trailer of "I Used to Be Fat" to see just how much can be accomplished when you work your ass off and don't give up.