4 MTV Stars Kim Kardashian Should Consider Dating

Looking at pre-paid credit card enthusiast Kim Kardashian's recent dating agenda, it's obvious that the girl is indecisive. Or really, really picky.

Kim just split up with Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, and according to RadarOnline.com, she's already moved on to a new guy: a hoopster named Kris Humphries.

Since Kim hasn't scored too many baskets in the game of love lately, we're here with a little advice: Step away from the athletic sidelines and red carpet heavyweights, and look no further than MTV's diverse roster of talent! Here are some guys that we would love to set her up with.


Kim's definitely not going to settle for a guy with a medium sized package. RJ recently lost his virginity, so maybe she can teach him how to use it in a productive way.


He might've made his mark as a professional skateboarder, but Rob's witty personality and entrepreneurial spirit would make a great match for Kim. We betcha they'd be trading business pointers in no time!


The second we decided to write this list, Pauly's name came to mind. He's not an athlete and he hasn't dated a mega-celebrity (at least not that we know of), but the sweet, smiley DJ can make us laugh on cue, and Kim could use more laughter in her life. She's so serious sometimes!


For starters, he's the only single guy left on "The Buried Life" (Ben's taken; Dave's married; Duncan's busy texting Taylor Swift); but also, he's pretty hot (in that shy, awkward kinda way) and has a huge heart. It's time Kim dated a nice guy!

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images