'Cutthroat' Poll: Did Dunbar Two-Time Paula?

Poor Paula Walnuts, she always gets screwed over by her "Challenge" bros--and on tonight's episode of "Cutthroat," Dunbar was the culprit. Even though he'd previously penned a letter stating that he had Paula's back 'til the end, dude shamelessly tossed her ass into the Gulag! The spunky vet could still pull out a win, but this is the umpteenth time one of her "people" betrayed her.

+ After hearing what Dunbar wrote Paula, do you think he threw her under the bus, or is it simply her turn to prove herself? (Either way, we wish she were going up against Jenn instead of Emily.) Take the poll and pick a side!

Did Dunbar betray Paula?

  • No, she's just not happy with his vote.
  • Heck yeah he did!