VIDEO: Abram Knew That Sarah And Laurel Planned To Throw The Challenge!

Abram seemed totally P.O.'d on tonight's episode of "Cutthroat" when he saw Sarah and Laurel give up during the Riot Act Challenge. As soon as he suspected them of throwing the mission in order to send Luke and Cara Maria into the Gulag, he blew up their spot, screamed holy hell and gave them no choice but to "try" and play hard.

In this week's "Cutthroat Confessional," Derek and Laurel tell a wide-eyed Cara Maria that Abram knew Sarah and Laurel's plan before the challenge even started. She appears completely shocked by the news, but she could just be acting. Think Cara Maria's reaction is authentic, or is she playing the clueless card? Watch the video, then take the poll!