'16 and Pregnant' Poll: Should Kayla Move In With J.R.?

It's not every day that we see young mothers and fathers willing to contribute equally to the family, but on tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," Kayla's fiancé, J.R., was eager to step up and provide for everyone. It was great to see J.R. accept his responsibilities so quickly--he told Kayla that he didn't want to depend on her parents for support and then renovated a house for his new family--but Kayla just wasn't ready to take the plunge and live with him. She'd already lost out on her senior year of high school and wasn't willing to sacrifice more.

+ J.R. really wants to settle down with Kayla and their son. Do you think she should move in with him, or is she doing the right thing by staying at home with her parents? Take the poll and weigh in!

Should Kayla move in with JR?

  • Yes, they're engaged and have a son!
  • No, it's ok to slow things down a bit.