Soundtrack Spotlight: Could The Black Lips BE Any More 'Vice'-Worthy?

You know that old-fashioned expression "slow and steady wins the race"? The "Vice Guide to Everything" guys obviously don't. Their very first episode took us to Yemen, Naples and Detroit, jumping from an anti-American movement in the Middle East to a dude running a strip club out of his parents' basement. They also went ahead and recruited the Black Lips--best known for their moody lyrics/OMFG live shows--for the soundtrack.

Not familiar with the Atlanta-based punk rockers? We've got 10 reasons why you should be. Read on to hear guitarist Cole Alexander give his thoughts on Snooki, eugooglize Kurt "Inventor of Grunge" Cobain and explain why The Pope probably wouldn't be their biggest fan, then watch the BL's latest video, "Cold Hands," after the jump.

Your shows are so insane--you've gotten kicked out of venues, had tour dates canceled and come close to getting thrown in jail. Wikipedia's accused you of urinating onstage, flashing the crowd and setting your guitars on fire. Is it fair to say you're a little more hard-core than Justin Bieber?

Actually, we have been thrown in jail, several times--but most of the time, we're sweet guys. And I don't think it's fair to compare who's more hard-core 'cause I'm sure Justin has a hard-core side that lives within. He just doesn't know it's there, or hides it deep inside his subconscious.

Paying for CDs is expensive. Tell us why fans should shell out cash for your upcoming album.

I say burn it--and if you really like it, then buy it. You can always use the art packaging for a coffee coaster.

You wake up in Seaside Heights with a backpack full of Axe body spray, Ed Hardy shirts and Lysol disinfectant. Who would you take to the Smush Room at the "Jersey Shore" house?

What's the Smush Room!? Are you asking which one I'd [have sex with]? Hmm, the only female cast member whose name I know is Snooki, and I know I don't want to smush with her. I don't have cable so I've only seen the show, like, twice, but I heard President Obama secretly likes it. I am pretty excited about "The Vice Guide to Everything"--I think it will be a little more sophisticated than "Jersey Shore," but in a still-belligerent way that everyday teenage youth can appreciate.

Finish this sentence: If Kurt Cobain were alive today, he'd probably...

Play music less loud and snotty. I've always thought if Kurt had done another album, he would have abandoned the stereotypical grunge sound--it was getting tired by the time he died. So he might have wanted to try something a little more folky, maybe something with a quainter, indie vibe. Maybe even a little less screaming. I heard he had vocal chord damage by the end so less screaming might've helped.

You guys have been making music together for more than 10 years now. Aren't you sick of each other yet? And if not, why not?

We get sick of each other sometimes--I guess that's natural--but we must have some redeeming qualities [since] we have stayed together this long. Some great bands I like have imploded cause the chaotic people who play in them self-destruct. It's funny that chaos is what makes them so great, but it is also what kills them.

Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato?

Who is Demi Lovato? I must be getting old.

We've read that you're big fans of "60's Peruvian garage band Los Saicos." Got any (less obscure) modern-day influences?

Beck, Wu-Tang Clan, Portishead, the White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley. New groups I dig: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. And I've heard cool songs from Warpaint and Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

And speaking of contemporary music...what's the most embarrassing song/artist (Michael Bolton? "The Macarena"? Ke$ha??) on your iPod today?

OK, I don't actually have this iPod, although I should. But a super guilty pleasure is that Sheryl Crow song "All I Wanna Do." Whenever that comes on the radio, it just has this country twang that I dig.

Tell us something we don't know about you/your music.

My mom breastfed me while at the theater watching the Prince movie "Purple Rain." She said someone scolded us.

The Pope's in town, and he wants to catch one of your concerts. On a scale from 1 to 10, how emotionally scarred would he be after the show?

I have to admit, I would have to throw down a gnarly show. It would be a 10. We actually do an old Christian camp song called "He Touched Me," and we dedicate it to the The Pope every time we do it. We played it at Coachella with our group the Almighty Defenders. The lyrics are sadly ironic.

+ Want more Black Lips in your life? Check out their official MTV artist page, read more on their  brushes with the law and rock out to their video for "Cold Hands" (off their 2007 LP, Good Bad Not Evil).