Hot Shots: Why So Down, Pauly D?

Did someone sideswipe Pauly D's ride? Spike his body spray with patchouli? Seems unlikely, but the "Jersey Shore" star sported quite a frozen stare while working the late shift Saturday night. Judging by these pix from his deejay gig at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre, dude must take his wicky-wickying pretty seriously. That, or he's on the run again from  "Stage 5 Clinger" Danielle.

Cheer up, Pauly. Last year at this time you were a used car salesman wearing cubic zirconia!

+ Hmmm. We love Pauly's big ole smile, but now that we've had a chance to stare at the shots longer (and make lifesize cardboard cut-outs of them), this stoic look seems kinda sex-ay on him. You feelin' it, too?

Whittle/Splash News