Angelina Pivarnick Involved In A Fight Before The Fight!

The "Jersey Shore" girls are not the type to shy away from a brawl, which is probably why some of 'em have been jumping at the chance to participate in organized fighting (remember JWOWW's stint in the wrestling ring?). Thing is, the "organized" part has one of them really confused. 

Angelina, who previously stated that she was eager to spar with JWOWW, was scheduled to battle fellow reality starlet Kerry Schwartz (from VH1's "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair") in Atlantic City this weekend, but according to, the rapping superstar got into a whole 'nother fight before the event. "[Angelina] was involved with an altercation with a woman outside of the club and security evicted her out of casino," Damon Feldman, co-owner of Big Bang Celebrity Wrestling Federation told the site. Sacré bleu! A Fight Before The Fight!

So why did Angie jump the gun? According to an onlooker, the Staten Island native went down to the lobby and a girl got in her face. "It's not that Angelina caused trouble, it's that these people want to start with this kid," a source commented to EOnline. If that's really the case, she might need to take a hint from MMA fighter Heidi Montag and beef up her security team.

Photo: Splash News