VIDEO: Watch A Sneak Episode Of 'The Vice Guide To Everything'

When Vice magazine first launched 16 years ago, it was a racy monthly focusing on partying and rock and roll, but they've since expanded their reach. MTV's new series, "The Vice Guide To Everything," is an irreverent and cheeky take on international relations, underground countercultures and bizarre fads (illegal border-crossing theme parks in Mexico? who knew?). The journalists featured on "Vice" go the distance with ballsy (and quite dangerous) moves, such as using a tourist visa to cross into the "Hermit Kingdom" of North Korea.

We think The New York Times summed up the show best by saying this: "Much the way mothers sneak spinach into their children's chicken nuggets, this series purees small portions of geography and geopolitics and slips them into a colorful plate of exotica." But hey, your opinion is what matters most to us, so get a first look at the "Vice" exploits by watching this sneak of episode 2 and tune in for tonight's big premiere at 11/10c!