What's Angelina Doing With Another One Of Snooki's Exes?

We were pretty surprised when "I'm Hot" singer Angelina Pivarnick arrived at her single release party last week, not because of the unusual feather appliqué on her bust (did girl just go see "Burlesque"?), but because she was hamming it up with Snooki's ex-lovah, Emilio Masella...and this is not the first time Angie's done such a thing. A few months back, she was hangin' with Iraq vet Jeff Miranda, who proposed to Snooks this summer on the cover of a magazine.

+ Since we like to play devil's advocate, we suppose it's possible that Emilio was at the party to support Angelina's new venture. They're probably just friends, so let's not "misunderstand" the situation for more than it is...unless, of course, it is more. What do you think?

Photos: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images