Jenks Shares His Personal Take On Teen Football Hero, Herschel Sims

Herschel Sims led his high school football team to the Texas state championship as a junior running back and is now considered one of the best young players in the country. His team, The Eagles, hails from Abilene, a small west Texas town that lives and breathes football. Everyone talks football, even if it's not a Friday night (that's when 15,000 come out to watch the team play at their home stadium), which means one thing: Sims is the biggest thing around. At restaurants, malls, school ... everyone seems to know Herschel.

For me, what makes Herschel such an incredible person is that he could care less about the local fame. After his mother went to prison and his step-father severely abused him, Sims could have easily taken the wrong route in life. But he didn't. Why? I don't think I will ever really know. Sure, football played a huge part in teaching him discipline, but something tells me that even without the game, he would have managed to become a success story.

After living with him off and on for over the course of four months, I believe that Herschel Sims is a victory for young people across the country. He is an example of what we can all strive to be, what is possible to

overcome and how to put your stamp on the world you live in.

+ Check out more of my time spent with Herschel in these deleted scenes from last week's "World of Jenks" finale: