Which Dye Job Looks The Best On Snooki?

"Jersey Shore" fans know Snooki to be a creature-of-habit, ultra loyal to her favorite foods (pickles, vodka) and clothing stores (Guess, Bebe)--but when it comes to her hair, she's much more of a chameleon. When we first met Snooks last December, she was just a small suburban gal with long black locks (and a pouf, of course!). Since then, she's been chocolate brown, red and even two-toned.

Snooki's current appearance--chunky highlights that frame her face--makes us wonder what she'd look like if she went all the way with the bleach. So, we had a little Photoshop fun and turned Snooki into a blonde bombshell (see photo to the right).

+ Finding the right hair color is all about trial-and-error, so what do you think? Do you like seeing Snooki rock a Barbie-inspired 'do, or is the platinum look a total miss? Check out her wide array of shades below, then take the poll to select your favorite dye job!

Which hair color is your favorite?

  • Blonde
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Highlights

Photos (clockwise): Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Steve Mack/WireImage, Andrew H. Walker/Getty