It's Snooki's Birthday And She'll Cry If She Wants To

With a party bus transporting her from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan, free LifeStyles condoms and a one-of-a-kind dessert from "The Cake Boss," you'd think Snooki would've had no reason to pout at her birthday party on Saturday night. All dolled up like a true princess and surrounded by her closest friends and family, the "Jersey Shore" castie carried a teensy chip on her shoulder due to a no-show. According to, she was really disappointed that Kim Kardashian didn't make it to Club Pacha.

"Nicole REALLY wanted [Kim] to come and once it became obvious she wasn't, Nicole was beyond disappointed. She said she thought 'it was rude' for Kim not to attend when she'd gone to [her] party," the site's source revealed.

Judging by the size of her cake, we can't imagine Snooks was upset for very long. "She was like a little kid when [the cake] came out," the source said. "She was jumping up and down and clapping. They'd made her famous hairdo puff as part of the design and Nicole laughed uncontrollably when she saw it." Too bad the pouf didn't make an appearance on the birthday girl herself, though we're digging the new blonde streaks!

Photos: Jerritt Clark/WireImage

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